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Magnetic Particle testing is a versatile inspection method used for field and shop applications. Magnetic particle testing works by magnetizing a ferromagnetic specimen using a magnet or special magnetizing equipment. If the specimen has discontinuity, the magnetic field flowing through the specimen is interrupted and leakage field occurs. Finely milled iron particles coated with a dye pigment are applied to the specimen. These are attracted to leakage fields and cluster to form an indication directly over the discontinuity.

MT Advantages :

  • Can detect both surface and near subsurface indications.
  • Can inspect parts with irregular shapes easily.
  • Pre-cleaning is not as critical as for some other inspection methods.
  • Fast method of inspection and indications are visible directly on the specimen surface.
  • Considered low cost compared to other NDT techniques.
  • Very portable inspection especially when used with battery powered equipment