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LRUT is used to detect corrosion, erosion in pipe work. An array of transducers is clamped around the pipe and ultrasound is transmitted simultaneously along the pipe in both directions. The return signal is received by the same transducers, and the data are analyzed using the system’s calibrated software.

The technique’s principal advantage is that it provides 100% initial screening coverage, and only requires local access to the pipe surface where the transducer array is to be attached. The technique has the ability to inspect inaccessible areas such as clamps and cased or buried pipes. It works without the need to remove insulation or coating.

C- Scan Advantages:

  • The technology can inspect up to 150m pipe from single location and provides 100% direct assessments of pipe lengths.
  • Rapid Screening for in service degradation.
  • Cost reduction in gaining access to the pipes for inspection