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Welding Consultancy.


  • Welding Inspection, Job Inspection, Raw material Inspection, Fit-up Inspection, Dimensional Inspection, Final Inspection on all type of fabricated jobs.
  • Weldability test on Pipe, plate and consumables.
  • Welders Testing (Performance Qualification Test) by Certified Welding Inspector in different processes.
  • Preparation and Certification of WPS, PQR, WPQT by AWS Certified Welding Inspector. (Welding Procedure as per EN, AWS, ASME, API & EN Standards)
  • Quality Inspection of Welding Jobs by Certified Welding Inspector.
  • Third Party Inspection can be arranged ..
  • Fabrication Contract, Welding Job Work, Repair and Maintenance.
  • Consultancy and solution for welding related problems.
  • Training of Welding Inspector, Industrial Safety & Quality Control.

Brinell Hardness Test

The Brinell hardness test method as used to determine Brinell hardness, is defined in ASTM E10. Most commonly it is used to test materials that have a structure that is too coarse or that have a surface that is too rough to be tested using another test method, e.g., castings and forgings. Brinell testing often use a very high test load (3000 kgf) and a 10mm diameter indenter so that the resulting indentation averages out most surface and sub-surface inconsistencies.

Third party Visual Inspection .

If you are required to have a 3rd Party Inspector sign off on your project then SNDT can seamlessly assist your operation in fulfilling those requirements. Our team is proud to handle all required 3rd Party Inspection Services for welds or components! Our staff has years of experience, thousands of hours both on the job site and training, and we have been trained to perform Weld Inspection in accordance with AWS D1.1. We also have a AWS D1.1 Qualification along with the training necessary to perform any Visual Inspection of manufactured components. We have been performing Visual Inspection and NDT Services for over 30 years..

If you are looking for a Third Party Inspector, SNDT can handle all of your welding, component, or other visual inspection needs. SNDT has your back! All of our employees are sent through thousands of hours or years of training by Certified Inspectors before they are sent to your site to perform Inspections.